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Welcome to Escritor Publishing

We offer a private book publishing service delivering a high-quality product. Our editing and design services are highly-regarded and our printers also serve the major publishing houses around the UK.

"We’ll work with you to publish and print your book, involving you at every stage by phone and email.”

Publisher, Tom Blyth

Private publishing affords an opportunity for writers, authors, photographers, artists and others, regardless of experience, to get their work published in a professional manner, in a variety of finished book forms. We have published a wide variety of books, including novels, military and local histories, children’s books, poetry, guidebooks, autobiographies and life stories. Private publishing is particularly suitable where the work is aimed at local interest, or simply where individual wishes to commit a body of work to permanent, printed form.

Self-publishing has become a major element of the UK publishing industry. It is increasingly viewed as a respectable approach for authors, not a personal vanity. The reasons for choosing to self-publishing might be a desire to be more widely read; a hope that the book will be picked up by a ‘traditional’ publisher; the wish to publish for a small audience that a commercial publisher will not find profitable; the personal fulfilment of one’s hobby; publishing for family and friends; publishing as part of a business venture; or a wish to make money from writing.

These and many others are all perfectly valid reasons for an author to consider financing the publication of their own book.

Our Services

Our services are tailored to meet individual requirements and can include any or all of the following:

  • Advice on manuscripts, illustrations, photographs and artwork
  • Typing services for manuscripts
    Commissioning specialist artwork for internal illustrations and book covers
  • Full editing advice and support
  • Copy editing and proof-reading
  • Complete layout and design services
  • Printing and delivery
  • ISBNs and National book listing
  • Copyright and Legal deposits
  • Local marketing and national e-sales support
  • Production and marketing of books in e-book format for Kindle etc.
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