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Commissioning Specialists

Commissioning Specialist Artwork for Internal Illustrations and Book Covers

Drawn illustrations for the internal pages of a book are normally provided by the author. All that is necessary is for us to ensure that they are scanned or photographed to ensure the desired presentation on the page and that they will reproduce well on commercial printing machines. If it is necessary to commission professional artwork, we can arrange it.

The design of a book cover is a more complex task. Often the author will have ideas about the design and will provide suitable images. Where this is not the case and a drawn illustration is needed for the cover design, we can commission a professional artist or illustrator to undertake the work.

Often the cover design will require photographic elements to create an eye-catching design. We can source such images from commercial libraries.

The cost of these services depends upon the nature of the task. A simple cover, created from images provided by the client, is offered within the basic fee for publishing the book. If a more complex design is required or it is necessary to purchase images from external sources, the cost of the work is additional to the basic publishing fee.