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Content Advice

Advice on manuscripts, illustrations, photographs and artwork

Unless you have published books before, you will need advice on the text and any supporting illustrations and photographs. An important feature of working with Escritor Publishing is that you will be in contact with our Publishing Editor throughout the project, either in face-to-face meetings or by phone and email; most self-publishing houses do not offer this help as part of their basic service.

We will ask to see your text and images and will advise you on their suitability for publication and commercial printing.

The formatting of images is critically important, since if this is not done correctly they will not reproduce well in print. Prints that ‘come out well’ on a home printer will not necessarily reproduce well on commercial printing machines, which use wholly different printing systems. In many cases, we will want to scan your original photographs and illustrations on our own equipment, so as to ensure the best possible quality of the image.

Often an author will not be sure what type of pictures will best enhance the book. We can advise the author and, if necessary, suggest where supporting images might be found; or we might undertake to source them.

This advice is included within the basic fee that we will quote for publishing the book.