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Editing Advice

Editing Advice and Support

This section describes our services for editing a supplied text; it does not cover the design of a cover, nor the processing and layout of pictures and illustrations.

Authors always need editors. Even the very best authors rely on their editor to offer critical advice on the text and supporting material. We offer five levels of editing support and in every case, the editor will re-format the text in preparation for book design:

No Editing

We will not check the manuscript for any errors. The text, as supplied, will be formatted for page layout. The client will not be provided with editing or design proofs for checking, and the material will be printed unseen by the client. This is a basic ‘Print What You Send’ service, similar to that offered by other low-cost self-publishing providers. Any errors in the manuscript will appear in the final printed book. (Typical charge for formatting and design: 0.2p per word)

We do not recommend that authors reject the necessary process of editing, and we are reluctant to offer the service, for authors who opt for this service are frequently dismayed to discover their errors only when seeing them on the printed page. However, it is an option for those who are fully (and recklessly?) confident with their manuscript.

Minimum Edit

An editor will check the manuscript for simple errors in spelling and punctuation. This represents no more than elementary proof-reading and the author needs to be confident about the accuracy and quality of the text. We will supply one edited proof and one design proof only. (Typical charge: 0.8p per word)

Line Edit

An editor will check the manuscript for complicated errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The editor will also address major issues of syntax and word choice and make recommendations for improving the overall readability of the work. We will supply up to two edited and design proofs. (Typical charge: 1.6p per word)

Content Editing

In addition to performing the functions of a line edit, a content editor will work to ensure the general accuracy and consistency of content and focus on more restructuring of sentences. The common objectives are to ensure:

  • Readability: In sentence construction, paragraph breaks, grammar, textual flow.
  • Sequence: So that the text leads from one event to the next in a logical way and does not require the reader to refer back or forward in the text for links and necessary information.
  • Consistency: Ensuring this in the author’s voice, expression, manner.
  • Verbal Ticks: Commonly found in: so, very, really, much, many, well, amazing.

We will supply up to three edited proofs and two design proofs. (Typical charge: 1.9p per word)

Content Plus Edit

For manuscripts that need more work on sentence structure and grammar than basic Content Editing can provide. For fiction titles, the editor will focus on maintaining consistency of details in the plot, characters and setting. For nonfiction titles, the editor will monitor the consistency of information and ideas. We will supply up to three edited proofs and two design proofs. (Typical charge: 2.6p per word)