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ISBNs and Database Listing

ISBNs and National Book Database Listing

We will allocate an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to your book. This is a unique number that identifies your book and establishes the author’s copyright. We will list the book and its ISBN on the UK’s National Book Database, specifying the title, author, publisher, publication date, number or pages and illustrations, size and weight, publication and distribution rights, the book classification code, and a short description of the book to assist libraries and wholesale/retail booksellers.

Once listed on the National Book Database, your book becomes an identifiable and searchable entity. The computer systems of all the major booksellers will capture the listing and add it to their domestic inventories. This includes a listing on The book becomes available to purchasers through any bookseller in the UK, by order, quoting the ISBN, title and author.

We update the National Book Database if the availability of the book changes, i.e. if all the copies have been sold and none have been reordered, we will amend the Database listing accordingly.