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Production and Marketing of eBooks


Production and Marketing of Books in eBook Format for Kindle etc.

It is a common fallacy that creating an eBook is a simple process. Books with text only and without complex formatting are most suitable for conversion from print to eBook format, yet even these cannot be created by ‘a touch of a button’. Illustrated books are especially demanding of time and technical skill. Each book needs to be assessed for its suitability for conversion and we will advise the client accordingly.

We can offer eBook creation for text-only books, in Kindle format for sale on We do not offer Book creation in other formats, for example Kobo and Sony e-readers, because, as a relatively small publisher it is not possible to access their marketing channels. However, most eBook sales in the UK are conducted through for Kindle readers.

Your book will already be available for sale on Amazon; adding a Kindle version simply improves the choice for the customer and enhances the opportunity for sales. However, authors should be aware that Kindle sales generate only small financial returns. Kindle works best for authors who are already known to the reading public and whose books sell in large numbers. In rare cases, an eBook will be noticed by traditional publishers or their agents.

eBook production is dealt with separately from the publishing and printing of hard copy books. We will provide an estimate of costs, on request. A simple text-only book of, say 180 pages, is likely to cost about £550 to process.