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The Publishing Process


It requires many actions to transform a manuscript into a published and printed book.


The basic stages are:

  1. Advice on the manuscript
  2. Editing
  3. Design
  4. Origination for print
  5. Managing printing services
  6. Handling the printed books
  7. Post-publication sales support

The following sections set out the detail of these stages, in the form of extracts from our standard contract for publishing services. Of course, every author will have specific needs and we discuss these so as to agree a contract that is tailored to the requirements of each author/client.


  • Review the manuscript and associated art work for completeness and suitability and advise on any necessary action by the Client.
  • Create the Editing Draft.
  • Read, edit and mark the manuscript for textual errors and, if necessary, advise on matters of style. (See Editing Options and typical charges here)
  • Exchange Editing Drafts with the Client to achieve a final agreed text.
    If required, commission and obtain art work and illustrations for body chapters and book cover.
  • Select suitable images, scan photographs etc. as necessary, photo edit, add captions.
  • Prepare plate section drafts (if appropriate), exchanged with the Client and agree changes. (If there are no plate sections, the inclusion of images in the text pages takes place in the Design stage).

Design, Origination and Proof Reading

  • Create and exchange Design Drafts (Book body text with images; Cover; Endpapers, if appropriate).
  • Commission professional proof reading if required.
  • Return Final Proofs to Client for final checks and sign-off for printing.
  • Create Print Files and send to printer.


  • Commission an initial print run of an agreed number of copies.
  • Manage print services.
  • Client proof checks if required (additional charge).


  • Arrange for the delivery of printed books to the Client.
  • Make the legal deposit of one copy of the book with the British Library, at the Client’s expense. [NB. Under the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003, there is also a requirement to place a copy in five other Deposit Libraries but in the case of small print runs the Publisher will seek a waiver from the Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries (ALDL)]


  • Allocate ISBN if required.
  • Advise on book selling price.
  • Notify UK National Book Listing Agency and appropriate library services.
  • List the book at and make available for other sales outlets.
  • Circulate press releases if appropriate.
  • Feature the book on our Books website (includes purchasing link for buyers).
  • Commission advertising materials for Client if required (supplementary charge).


  • Retain agreed quantity of books at the Publisher’s premises for retail, internet-based, sales.
  • Fulfil internet sales orders.
  • Transfer sales receipts (less charges) to the Client.
  • Advise the Client on continuation or cessation of sales.


  • Advise on the suitability of the work for creation in e-book format.
  • Design the eBook, where possible from the print version design, but from scratch if a simple conversion cannot be achieved for technical or artistic reasons.
  • Provide design proofs as necessary.
  • Create the work in eBook format as a Kindle book for sale on Amazon.
  • Manage the Amazon hosting and sales process.

To achieve the best start, we need the author or client to provide a manuscript and images in one of the following ways:

The Text:

  • Digital text files in MS Word format, presented via email, on CD or USB memory stick.
  • Hard copy, printed A4 sheets (must be suitable for scanning into digital format) in a common-use typeface: Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial, etc at not less than 12 points per inch.
  • Handwritten manuscript for digital preparation by an external typing service.

The Images/Artwork:

  • Digital image files as high resolution in JPEG/TIFF format, presented on CD or USB memory stick.
  • Original artwork for scanning into digital format.
  • Original design ideas for professional work up.